Over the years we have worked on various types of projects, meeting our private clients’ needs as well as architects and investors. Offering a span of hand crafted wood products.


The only limit the furniture we create is your imagination. Taking in consideration the technical constraints we produce different styles of interior and exterior furniture, based on you inspirations and projects. From classical design to contemporary design. Mixing the different woods we offer with materials such as glass, metal, stone and others.


Our company also specializes in doors. From a standard interior door for your home to a massive wood doors for public areas with high resistance to heavy use to the restoration of doors of historical buildings. As with our other products we offer you a wide variety of materials, handles, styles and types of locking solutions. It is essential for a door to be well made because this is something we use every day of in our lives.

Wall mountings – Ceiling – Hard wood floors:

For a whole finished interior we offer you solutions for your floors, staircases, ceilings and walls. Choosing the right wood floor can be a difficult task but with the possibility to use the same type of wood for the entire interior gives that one of a kind look which you can’t obtain from ordering the materials in different companies. Creating a global solution for your interiors as well as exteriors.


In construction and architecture you often find different types of wood elements whether purely decorative or even a construction element. We work with massive treated wood to better protect the material and make it more resistant to weather conditions such as sun, rain and low temperatures. We have created many different exteriors of facades, pools, outdoor barbeques and roof constructions.


Having a functional bathroom is very important. Working to optimize this living space and also make it one of a kind. The classic all tile solution is now a days only in the past. Integrating wood in many different parts, wood floor, wood bathtubs, and wood counter for the wash basin, brings warmth to this area not only to the eyes but to the touch.

Cabinets and Walk in Closets:

From a normal cabinet to a custom walk in closet, we help you better optimize and organize your space, creating different types of closet spaces. With a combination of materials and different mechanisms. When it comes to space there are no problems only solutions.


A kitchen has different functions depending on the needs in some cases it is used simply for design and in others for living and eating. In both scenarios we offer different finishes, lacquered mat or shiny, solid or laminated wood, with or without handles. Creating the one kitchen adapted to your needs.


One of the less common but needed services we offer is restoring old elements and furniture. No matter the reasons purely sentimental or historical we try to give a second life to the things you want to keep in your new interior.